Journal Entry 12.16.10

Single Girl in a Virtual world…indeed! Today I tackled RSS Feeds and Podcasts….Geez…Mac or PC? Audacity or iMovie/Garageband/iWeb…talk about a major learning curve!

But I’m a filmmaker! Not a social media whiz! Welcome to the new world order! As filmmakers it’s imperative that we embrace all the  new technologies in order to get our word out. To publish, publicize, market, shout, soapbox, schmooze and network in the virtual space.  In the book ‘Think Outside the Box Office’ Jon Reiss suggests that every filmmaker have a PMD (Producer of Marketing and Distribution) on their team as they will embrace the technology fully so you can go make your movie.

Well, I’ve made movies and I am now going to embrace the PMD’ness inside me so that I fully understand what the other side does. I believe being fully embraced, having a foot in both the production element and the digital/social media element (for purposes of marketing and distribution) will inevitably make me a better filmmaker.

Why? There’s two schools of thought out there – one that filmmakers should leave well enough alone and just make films and hire out these new PMD people. Then there’s the other school who is telling us to embrace it fully – this is the future of filmmaking. Is there a massive learning curve – hell yes. Is it hard? Well, in the end it’s not brain surgery, but there is  lot of time needing to be devoted to understand how everything works in cyberspace and if you are technically challenged – well, then good luck.

Luckily, I have embraced my inner techie nerd to at least have been educating myself on the comings and goings of all things social media, digital technology, crowdfunding, transmedia and social networks. This film project now allows me to put it all into practice.

Believe you me – there’s a huge grand canyon-sized gap between what I read in books, feeds and articles and actually putting it into practice. That’s what I hope to learn and share with my growing fan base (4 new Twitter followers today!)

Yeah!!! someone out there loves me! 🙂

~until next time

About Jodi Nelson

I am a filmmaker launching a new film project entitled 'Single Girl in a Feminist World: What Does A 21st Century Feminist Look Like?' By engaging a global audience of online participants, I will be asking virtual strangers to join in my quest to answer the question, “What does a 21st Century Feminist Look Like?” Utilizing social networks, crowd funding initiatives, web blogs, viral video, second life, flash mobs, virtual chat interaction and traditional modes of documentary practice, I will create a documentary film that exemplifies feminism in its profoundly new image.
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