Journal Entry 12.28.10 – Call to Action #1

Yeah! It’s now time for the first CALL TO ACTION! and a chance for you to participate in the film project. A very cool opportunity to tell us how you feel! Share it with your friends and get people all fiesty and fired up about activism in the social and virtual and Internet space! How cool will it be when people from all races, ethnicities, cultures, religious and economic backgrounds from all over the world come together to voice their opinions, experiences and share their livelihoods with the online community at large! I can’t wait!

Go to the Calls to Action page to see how you can get started. It will tell you a bit about the first Call to Action, then take you to the YouTube site where you will watch the Podcast 6 – CALL TO ACTION #1 video and then log in to respond with a video!

Podcast 6 – Call to Action #1

Respond! Comment! Video! Share with your friends across the virtual space — But hurry! This topic is only up for 2 weeks, before the next Call to Action #2 revvs up!

Remember to go to our Kickstarter site and pledge to the production. We need to raise $20,000 USD in 53 days!!! and counting….

~until next time

About Jodi Nelson

I am a filmmaker launching a new film project entitled 'Single Girl in a Feminist World: What Does A 21st Century Feminist Look Like?' By engaging a global audience of online participants, I will be asking virtual strangers to join in my quest to answer the question, “What does a 21st Century Feminist Look Like?” Utilizing social networks, crowd funding initiatives, web blogs, viral video, second life, flash mobs, virtual chat interaction and traditional modes of documentary practice, I will create a documentary film that exemplifies feminism in its profoundly new image.
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