Journal Entry 4.12.11

Muslim Women Arrested in France for Wearing Face Veils in France

HUH? Yes, it’s true – read about it here!

What’s your thoughts on the subject? In the BBC report, the French police state they haven’t arrested the two women for wearing face veils, but rather for protesting without a permit…sounds fishy, but true and the fact that it has made international news, is indicative of it being a major issue of cultural rights, citizenship, religious freedom and civil rights/human rights.

What’s your thoughts on the matter? Here in the US, we can pretty much wear what we want. We don’t have a law that outlaws, fines or forces Muslim women who wear their face veils in public. Why has France passed this law? What do they hope to gain from this new movement? Safety? Public issue? Religious indoctrination? French pride? Government power? Is it a citizenship issue, as they state in this article? If these women are to be publicly humiliated, fined and forced to take citizenship courses – do they have to lose their own identity? Each French food? Completely disregard their heritage, culture, religion and personal freedoms – just to live in France? Take the POLL to see what the general consensus is.

And watch the video:

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