CONTEST!! YOU decide what film you want to see…


Hello community~ As you know I’ve been knee-deep in post-production AND I NEED HELP! Now YOU get to decide the film you want to see! Watch the post and the opening sequence of the film ‘Single Girl in a Virtual World: What Does a 21st Century Feminist Look Like’ and cast your vote here! Share and spread the word!

Here’s three possible directions it can go:

1) Stories about young women and up and coming feminists and what they think a 21st century feminist looks like

2) Here it from the experts in the world of feminist thought, academic philosophy and education

3) Global issues surrounding today’s feminist issue, with stories of women around the world facing their own challenges

About Jodi Nelson

I am a filmmaker launching a new film project entitled 'Single Girl in a Feminist World: What Does A 21st Century Feminist Look Like?' By engaging a global audience of online participants, I will be asking virtual strangers to join in my quest to answer the question, “What does a 21st Century Feminist Look Like?” Utilizing social networks, crowd funding initiatives, web blogs, viral video, second life, flash mobs, virtual chat interaction and traditional modes of documentary practice, I will create a documentary film that exemplifies feminism in its profoundly new image.
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