PhD – Done. Done. and Done.


Just had to post my latest Instagram pic of my thesis and media. I can’t believe after 5 years, I’ve finally achieved it. Such an amazing, life changing journey and I can’t wait to see where the next 5 years will lead…

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 7.57.27 PM










If you haven’t seen the film, or followed the posts on twitter @feministproject or facebook, please feel free to check them out and post your comment and join in the ongoing conversation.

You can also read some of my published journal articles in and LinkedIn.


Jodi is the Research Fellow for the Creative Economy Research Centre (CERC) at the University of Hertfordshire.

She has recently completed a PhD in Critical and Creative Practice in Film & Media at the University of Sussex in Brighton. Her research interests are primarily focused in practice methodologies in interactive, digital technologies in filmmaking and how its creative outputs can further be developed within the growing Creative Economy sector.

Additionally, what means through engagement of technology and social media, mobile apps and digital tools are available to reach participants and audiences through multiple devices and platforms for UX, transmedia and interactive modalities.
She is also an active filmmaker, actress and creative consultant in film and the creative economies under her company BNDmand (, as well as a consultant/trainer for the British Council’s Researcher Connect.

About Jodi Nelson

I am a filmmaker launching a new film project entitled 'Single Girl in a Feminist World: What Does A 21st Century Feminist Look Like?' By engaging a global audience of online participants, I will be asking virtual strangers to join in my quest to answer the question, “What does a 21st Century Feminist Look Like?” Utilizing social networks, crowd funding initiatives, web blogs, viral video, second life, flash mobs, virtual chat interaction and traditional modes of documentary practice, I will create a documentary film that exemplifies feminism in its profoundly new image.
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