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This is a very exciting Blog for me as I engage a worldwide audience of fans, friends and followers and ask them to participate in a new film I’m producing entitled:

‘Single Girl in a Virtual World: What Does a 21st Century Feminist Look Like?’

Check out the Film Project for more information about the film project itself and the Topics Page to see the latest Call to Action and how you can get involved as a participant in the film, as well as help with much needed Crowdfunding efforts to support the making of the film.

Who am I?

I have an extremely diverse professional entertainment background,
extensive training and experience in Acting (theatre/film/television), film production in both narrative fiction and documentary) and music.  I am actively involved in the arts and
entertainment industry as an accomplished Artist, Actor, Writer, Filmmaker and

I have lived in Los Angeles and performed on many top network television shows such as; ‘The West Wing’, ‘The Geena Davis Show’, ‘Life with Bonnie’, ‘The District’ and ‘The Guardian’, as well as book three Series Regular roles on Pilots for television. My independent film work includes recently starring in the award winning film ‘Man.Woman.Blackbird.’ (Sally) with Julian Stone, starring in ‘Chasing
(Annie Chase) with J.G. Hertzler, ‘Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys’ with
Corey Feldman
and starring in ‘Far West’ (Sally) with Tiaraju Aronovich. Her other film work includes voice-over, ADR and Foley talent in two films with Bruce

I have also appeared on the theatrical stages in Los Angeles, Dallas, Oklahoma and Tennessee starring in such productions as; ‘Three Sisters’ (Olga) with John Hertzler, ‘The
Manchurian Candidate’ (Eugenie), ‘John Gabriel Borkman’ (Ella), ‘Jake’s Women’
(Julia), ‘MacArthur’s Querida’ (Pinky) with Rocco Sisto, ‘Trojan Women’ (Sei) with
Tom Fitzpatrick,
‘Into the Woods’ (Florinda) and ‘McBeth! The Musical’ (Lady

As a Filmmaker and Founder of Hip Chik Productions, an Independent Production company specializing in Film, Music and Digital Media, I have successfully produced feature films, an Award winning short, documentaries, music videos and music albums under its shingle. Through her company I have also developed and implemented successful marketing and public relations campaigns to deliver those projects into niche marketplaces, film festivals and markets through DIY, alternative distribution initiatives.  My films have been screened in multiple festivals around the world including the International Chinese/Los Angeles Fest, Global Cinema Fest in India, Charleston International Fest and Broad Humor Festival in Los Angeles as well as traveling to the Hong Kong Fest and Cannes Intl. Market & Festival.

In addition to my acting and film production, I am also a prolific singer/songwriter and recording artist.  Recognized as an emerging talent in music, my music has been published in various local, regional and national press outlets and received radio airplay both nationally and internationally for my CD debut “Maybe, I Will…” My musical television
debut occurred on ‘Austin Music Network’s Breakin’ In’, in Austin, TX and I also performed music from the film Soundtrack ‘Chasing Life’ on the
cable show ‘Long Beachin’ with Mo’ in Long Beach, CA. I was also a Top
20 finalist in Grammy winner Sarah McLachlan’s ‘Lilith Fair’ musician
competition, for both the Austin and Dallas, TX competitions.

Born and raised in Oklahoma, I have a Masters of Fine Arts in Acting from California Institute of the Arts and a Bachelor of the Arts in Journalism & Public Relations from the University of Oklahoma.  Currently, I am pursuing my PhD in Critical &
Creative Practices in Film and Media Studies at the University of Sussex in
Brighton, England focusing on Digital technology, Social media and the emerging
alternative Documentary film production methodologies.

I spend a significant amount of time teaching and mentoring fellow artists and giving my time to foundations that support arts for social change and am also an active member of Women in Film, International Documentary Association, ASCAP and Film Independent as well as a member of AFTRA.

YouTube Channel

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