Single Girl in a Virtual World: What Does a 21st Century Feminist Look Like?

By engaging a global audience of online participants, filmmaker Jodi Nelson asks virtual strangers to join in her quest to answer the question, “What Does a 21st Century Feminist Look Like?”

Utilizing social networks, crowdfunding initiatives, web blogs, podcasts, viral video, Second Life, flash mobs, virtual chat interaction and traditional modes of Documentary practice, she will create a Documentary film that exemplifies Feminism in its profoundly new image.

Exploring the virtual worlds of social networks, Second Life and viral video, filmmaker Jodi Nelson leads us through a virtual world to discuss with online global participants and discover what a 21st Century Feminist looks like.

Engaging a global audience of online participants she will ask participants to blog, video and upload themselves in various online ‘Calls to Action’ and interact in a viral environment on the larger topic of Feminism. Some of the subtopics of this discourse will tackle such issues as; new media environment/Technology and Activism, The Body, Class and Work, Disability, The Family, Globalization, Human Rights, Popular Culture, Race and Racism, Reproduction, Science, The Self, Sex Work, and Sexuality.

Producing the film through new Documentary production methodologies, using cheap digital technology, crowdfunding, viral fan building and online promotion and distribution practices, she will encourage an open and lively interactive dialogue with global participants. Here, they will have the opportunity to express insights, experiences and opinions in a virtual environment that is potentially fragile, exploitative, charged, active and isolated and private. Does this new media environment help or hinder the feminist movement? And are we better connected? Let’s find out together!

The financial support (money) for the Documentary film is very much a needed resource to cover equipment, crew, travel to and from locations for interviews, post-production and various production budget items. If you would like to see a complete Film package, which includes the budget top sheet and a marketing overview of the film, please email me.

Please note: The film budget total is $30,000, which is crucial for the timing of production and to meet our financial goals. This ‘Call to Action’ is the first level funding initiative for the minimum of $20,000. A total of $30,000 total for the entire production and the following stage of funding for the remaining $10,000 will follow after the initial 60 days respectfully. This financial support is very necessary in order to make an amazing, educational, commercially viable and engaging Documentary film that will be showcase a profoundly global collaborative effort and will make a significant contribution to both Documentary filmmaking and the continued effort of the Feminist Movement.

Please log on to participate in the film:

To Pledge funds for the film visit:

Join the movement by logging onto these following project sites:
the Facebook Group – 21st Century Feminist
21st Century Feminist Podcast on iTunes

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